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Mass Attendance and Booking

As we welcome parishioners back to masses for the third week in a row, we are pleased to say that our new arrangements for mass have been working well. Attendance at mass has been good and is increasing every week. However, this means it is even more essential that all parishioners who wish to come to mass book their tickets in advance.

We can only accommodate 50 parishioners at each mass, and once all of those places are filled, we will be unable to allow any other parishioners to enter. Unfortunately, this means that those who arrive without having booked beforehand will not be able to attend mass. We would hate to have to turn anyone away, so we ask that all those who are able book their tickets as soon as possible. Our busiest masses - the 4pm mass on Saturday and the 11am mass on Sunday - tend to sell out very quickly, so we would advise parishioners who attend those masses to reserve their places at the earliest opportunity.

You can book by telephone by calling us at 01698 263945 between 10am and 11am on any weekday. Online booking can be done at any time via our Eventbrite page. For more information, please consult our Booking Guide.

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