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St Bernadette's - Our Groups

Take a minute to think about your parish ….

Do you have skills or talents, which could help?

Are you able to contribute some time?

Our parish is fortunate to have many active groups, some of which you may not be aware of; some of the groups are practical and help with the running of the parish at various levels and some other groups are more spiritual or support our wider community.

These groups all have ordinary parishioners giving a little of their time and skills.

Are you able to read some weeks at your preferred Mass?

Do you have any musical talents, which could enhance our celebration of Mass, are you a singer or play an instrument or would you be able to help with playing our CDs or on our iPod during Mass?

Could you take a turn on a rota basis to type up the bulletin?

What about counting the collection money?

As COVID has highlighted, it is very important to keep our church clean and safe for everyone. Could you spare some time to assist the cleaning team?

Are you an electrician, plumber, joiner/carpenter, whose skills could be called on?

Do you enjoy gardening or is this something you could be interested in?

Attached is a list of some of our groups with a brief description and contact details for each group.

Please take time to look through this list to see where your skills could be best used.

Speak to the contact for each group for further information or speak to our priest.

Our parish is our parishioners, and our parish needs you!

You can complete an online form by following this link or complete and return a paer version available in the church.

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