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Tier 4 Mass at St Bernadette's

Now that North Lanarkshire has moved into a tier 4 lockdown, we are now subject to a number of extra restrictions. For us, this means we are no longer able to accommodate 50 parishioners in the church. Under the new regulations, we are required to reduce our numbers to 20 or below per mass. This restriction will apply from November 21st until December 11th. Further developments will be announced by the First Minister on December 8th.

As a result of these restrictions, we have been forced to make a number of changes in order to accommodate as many of our parishioners as possible.

From Saturday the 21st of November:

  • Mass will be celebrated in the church and the church hall simultaneously. As a consequence, we have places for 40 parishioners per mass. This applies to all masses; weekday and the weekend.

  • Bookings can be made online or via the telephone lines. Those who wish to book by phone can do so by calling us at 01698 263945 between 10 and 11am on any weekday.

  • 20 parishioners will attend mass in the church, and 20 will attend mass in the church hall. Please make a note of which location you have booked, and be sure to go there when you leave for mass.

As places are now more scarce, we would appreciate if anyone who can no longer make it could cancel their booking online or by telephone. We would also ask that those who regularly attend weekday masses do not book to attend mass every weekend.

If you go to book a place at mass in the church and there are no spaces, there may be spaces available in the hall mass. Check both to be sure you don't miss out.

Finally, please note that the obligation to attend Sunday Mass remains dispensed until further notice. The faithful are asked to consider carefully whether or not they should return in the early phases. By attending mass during the week, you have fulfilled any Sunday obligation you may still feel.

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